Light Commercial Inverter Heat Pump Split System


Light Commercial Inverter Heat Pump Split System

The new light commercial split system, airCore 700, incorporates features that offer superior comfort, achieve outstanding energy efficiency, simplify installation, and streamline maintenance.

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Outdoor Units

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Upgraded design brings reliable performance and comfort

airCore 700 features both an enhanced fan and fan grille design compared to the previous generation product. The upgraded design not only improves heat discharge but also enhances the overall appearance, meeting the stringent requirements of engineers, business owners, and designers alike.

The product boasts a novel heat exchange design, an optimized refrigerant path, and a redesigned fin shape, resulting in heightened efficiency. Demonstrating its capability, the unit has proven to achieve a rated heating capacity of over 70% at 17°F and over 70% at 5°F.


Superior Compressor and Pre-heating Function

The system incorporates with R32 DC inverter compressor. The compressor includes pre-heating capabilities for low outdoor temperatures, eliminating the requirement for an external crankcase heater. The advanced multi-pulse control induction on coil, core, rotor, and stator further improves the efficiency of pre-heating in low ambient conditions.


Wide Operation Range

  • Low ambient cooling range down to 0°F/-18°C

  • Low ambient heating range down to -13°F/-25°C

Reserved one terminal for the heating belt to facilitate support for North American -40°F low ambient cooling requirements.


R32 low GWP Refrigerant

Hitachi is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products by using refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP). The airCore 700 split systems utilize R32, a low GWP refrigerant, as a replacement for the older R410a refrigerant. R32 offers improved energy efficiency and reduces emissions, allowing for smaller, more compact air conditioning systems that require less refrigerant overall. Its GWP is 675, significantly lower than that of R410a.


Energy Efficiency

airCore700 has achieved higher energy efficiency.

  • EER2 up to 13 Btu/h/W

  • SEER2 up to 21 Btu/h/W

The full airCore700 product line has achieved high-performance standards in North America, earning Energy Star certification across the board.


Flexibility for Easy Maintenance

The airCore 700 outdoor unit offers flexible installation with four piping directions, accommodating various scenarios. Installers can choose from four running pipe directions, and the unit includes an improved front service cover removal design with conveniently located screws.


Long Piping and Large Height Difference

Accommodating up to 246ft(75m) of piping run and 98.4ft(30m) in height, this offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation.


Frostwash available on all airCore 700 Indoor Units

All indoor units of airCore700 including ducted, cassette, ceiling suspended and highwall systems, are equipped with Frostwash. This allows the unit to freeze dirt and dust trapped in the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, and then defrost it and dry it - effectively cleaning the hex and helping to safeguard long-term performance by maintaining good airflow.


Ducted Indoor Units

The ducted system is designed to handle an ESP range of 0.3~0.8 in.WG(75~200Pa). The wide ESP range makes airCore700 suitable for spaces with many discrete areas, including corners and recesses. Multiple outlets can be connected to the ducted unit to ensure a uniform gust of air around a complex space. A system can set up in a short time and will run reliably into the future.

Ducted indoor units allow automatic setting of ESP level and ensure matching the corresponding fan speed according to the identified external static pressure and achieve rated airflow within 10% range.


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