air365 Max

Modular Top Flow Heat Pump VRF

air365 Max

Modular Top Flow Heat Pump VRF

Introducing the 3rd generation air365 Max Pro HeatForce
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Low ambient heating down to -22°F

  • Continuous heating down to -22°F

  • 100% rated heating capacity at -13°F

  • Available in single and dual module up to 24 tons

  • Universal Heat Pump or Heat Recovery operation

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airCloud Tap - Commissioning & Maintenance Solution

With airCloud Tap, professionals can read and change Hitachi equipment settings with their phone. Thanks to contactless NFC technology, installation and servicing is now easier than ever.

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Best in class HVAC efficiency

Offers significant improvements in energy consumption thanks to the high Cooling EER up to 11.6 and Heating COP up to 2.67. As VRF systems operate most of the time under part load conditions, (at 50% or less of full capacity), air365 Max features SmoothDrive 2.0. This unique technology controls the output of by precisely controlling the compressor speed and measuring the gap in room vs set temperature with an accuracy of 0.1C. This reduces wear and tear on the compressor by reducing compressor start/stop events, improves temperature stability, and reduces energy consumption at part load by up to 39% 

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Universal Heat Recovery

The air365 Max Pro HeatForce allows universal 2 or 3 pipe systems to be installed as a heat pump or heat recovery.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Heat Recovery improves energy efficiency by redistributing excess heated or cooled air to zones requiring additional cooling or heating.

  • Consistent Zone Temperatures: This system ensures a consistently comfortable temperature in each zone by seamlessly switching between cooling and heating modes.

  • Flexible Cooling Solutions: You can employ a cooling-only indoor unit without requiring a CH-Box, making it ideal for smaller room for a network server unit.

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VRF that is easy to work with

A complete solution that saves time and money at every stage of your project from design to maintenance. Our complete ecosystem of indoor & outdoor units, smart apps and hardware features work together as a complete solution.

Highlights include…

  • Design VRF systems using fewer outdoor units with single unit capacity up to 12 tons and a maximum combination of up to 24 tons with 150% indoor unit connection capacity.

  • Engineers can configure VRF outdoor units up to 4X faster using the airCloud Tap application. Simply tap a smart phone near an outdoor unit or wired controller to access more than 200 setting parameters via NFC. For complex installations settings may be copy-pasted to multiple units in just a few clicks.

What our customers say?

“Hitachi VRF system realizes a level of quietness that makes you forget there is air conditioning at all!”
Mr. Noriyoshi Ikegaya, Executive Director of Administration, Director of Engineering, Nippondaira Hotel

Learn more about Hotel Nippondaira project



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