Cassette Air Conditioner

Cassette AC is ideal for large open-plan homes with a false ceiling plenum. Installed in the ceiling center, it distributes air evenly in all direction

Hitachi's 4-way Cassette Air Conditioner - Innovative Solution for Discrete and Precise Airflow

In 1983, Hitachi invented the 4-way cassette air conditioning unit, which is an innovative solution for clients who want a visually discrete AC system where a ceiling plenum is available.

For home users, Hitachi's 4-way cassettes are an excellent option for minimizing the visual impact of an AC unit without incurring the cost of installing ducted units. Today's models deliver precise airflow in all four directions and feature optional occupant sensing technology, which automatically saves energy if a room is empty.

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Precise airflow direction control with Hitachi's ceiling cassette air conditione

The 4-way cassette AC unit features up to seven steps of louver angle control, which allows for precise airflow in all four directions, providing precise and customizable air distribution for maximum comfort and overall air coverage. This feature ensures that the entire room is evenly cooled or heated, providing a comfortable environment that meets individual preferences.
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Save energy with our Cassette AC

Some 4-way cassette AC units feature an occupancy sensor that automatically detects when a room is empty and enters a low-energy mode, reducing energy consumption and promoting cost savings. Ideal for eco-conscious customers seeking an energy-efficient cooling solution without any extra effort.
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Filter cleaning reminder

The filter clean reminder light reminds users when it needs cleaning to ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of the unit. With this feature, users can easily identify when the filter needs to be cleaned without opening the panel and checking.
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Hitachi Cassette AC is ultra quiet

The Cassette unit is designed to provide quiet and discreet cooling/heating, with a sound level as low as 27dB(A)[1]. This means that the unit can be used in even the most noise-sensitive environments without causing any disturbance.
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Weekly programmable schedule

The optional advanced wired remote controller enables a programmable weekly schedule, offering convenient and customizable control of temperature and timing for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Highlight Benefits

360° coverag
The 4-way cassette unit delivers precise airflow in all four directions, providing 360° air coverage
7 steps
Up to 7 steps of louver angle control delivers air more precisely to where it’s needed
Discreet and quiet 4-way cassette air conditioning with sound level as low as 27dB(A)[1]
Up to 5.5 me
For spaces with high ceilings, some of our models offer effective airflow up to 5.5m, ensuring optimal comfort and coverage
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Hitachi Air Conditioners for Single Room Spaces

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