VRF - Indoor Units

There’s always a solution for every space and budget, including aesthics-first visual, optional comfort features, automate operation, plus air quality.

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Improve air quality with low-cost upgrades

Optional Ionizer Kit can be added to a ducted unit in minutes, even as a post-install upgrade. This generates negative ions in the airflow which bind to pollutants sending them harmlessly to the floor, as a result it has minimal impact on energy consumption and fan noise compared with a filter. Up to 99.9% effective on inhibiting SARS-CoV-2(3) and more than 99% effective on a range of viruses and bacteria(4). For 4-way cassettes, the optional ViroSense Z filter can be installed which is rated for 99.9% SARS-COV-2 inhibition(5).


(1). Testing Condition (at Cooling Operation, Load Factor: Approx. 33%) Without SmoothDrive; average power consumption 2.46kW / With SmoothDrive; average power consumption 1.49kW. VRF ODU:(RAS-AP280DG3 = RAS-10FSNS) & VRF IDU: 4-way cassette indoor units (RCI-AP140K5 = RCI-5.0FSRP) & Indoor Unit Inlet Temperature: 27°C (Dry Bulb) / 19°C (Wet Bulb) Ambient Temperature at Air Volume “High”: 23°C (Dry Bulb) / Piping Length between Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit: 15m / Testing Location: Environment Testing Facility at Kansai Denryoku (power supply company)
(2). Available on select Cassette models. Requires optional Twin-Sense cassette panel with Motion Sensor & Radiant Temperature Sensor
(3). Refers to Ionizer Kit test conducted Aug/Sept 2020 at Nara Medical University. Ozone Density : 0.1ppm. Tested Sample: Ozone generator which keeps 0.5~3.0 ppm emission in a space of 6.7L after 3 min generation. Host Cells: VeroE6/TMPRSS2. Washing-out Solution: SCDLP medium. Testing 5. Condition: 19.6~21.8℃, 50.0~59.7%RH (Humidity) . Infectivity Measurement Method: Virus Plaque Assay.
(4). For example, [Escherichia coli] [Staphylococcus aureus], [Influenzas virus] and others. Numerous tests on various products.
(5). ViroSense Z2 test conducted June 2021 at Japan Textile Product Quality and Technology Center using testing method ISO 18184.