Gear Driven Centrifugal Chiller Fixed Speed - GFG/GXG/GSG-S series

Gear Driven Fixed Speed Centrifugal Chiller

Gear Driven Centrifugal Chiller Fixed Speed - GFG/GXG/GSG-S series

Gear Driven Fixed Speed Centrifugal Chiller

The GFG/GXG/GSG-S series is a lineup of gear-driven centrifugal chillers known for their high efficiency, compact size, and quiet operation. The fixed-speed version of this chiller operates at a constant speed that typically meets the peak cooling load of the building. With several series in the product lineup and flexible model selection, Hitachi can satisfy a huge variety of customers' demands. Additionally, Hitachi's unique technologies accumulated over an 80-year history ensure long-term stable operation.
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Achieving High-Efficiency with Our Key Technologies

Advanced technology has enabled the GFG/GXG-S series to achieve a maximum COP of 7.0. Our High-Efficiency refrigerant cycle enhances refrigerating cycle efficiency and compressor efficiency by utilizing a refrigerant economizer with a 2-stage compressor equipped with 2 impellers.

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Top-class compact and lightweight design offers unbeatable flexibility

Our top-class compact and lightweight design offers several benefits, including improved flexibility in installation, space-saving in the machine room, easy carry-in to the machine room, suitability for replacing long-operating chillers, and a significant reduction in refrigerant volume.

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Easy Operation with Touch Panel and Type Control Panel

Our touch panel control panel is designed for easy operation and features a 10.4-inch color screen. It allows you to monitor various operating data and view trend graphs during operation, with trend data available for up to 40 hours (updated every hour). You can also access and store operation history for the past 12 hours (updated every hour), as well as failure and alarm history for the latest 6 times each. In case of failure, a handling guide is provided. Additionally, an automatic restart function after instantaneous power failure is available as an option.

Easy installation and maintenance

It appears that the chiller control panel is equipped with an RS485 communication port and is compatible with Building Management Systems using the MODBUS RTU protocol. This means that the chiller can be integrated into a larger building automation system, allowing for centralized monitoring and control of various building systems.
Additionally, the chiller is designed to quickly restart after a power failure of less than 10 seconds. This feature ensures that the chiller can continue to operate efficiently without requiring manual intervention, which can help prevent disruptions in building operations. Once power is restored, the chiller automatically starts up and returns to normal operation as quickly as possible.

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Unmatched features for unparalleled reliability

The chiller has several unique features that enhance its reliability, including a high reliability lubrication system, a Key-free impeller coupling system, accurate chilled water temperature control within ±0.2°C, continuous oil recovery with automatic refrigerant cleaner, and prevention of oil degradation by removing residual water with filter dryer.
One of the key features of the High Reliability Lubrication System in the chiller is its direct refrigerant cooling of the lubrication oil in the oil cooler, without the need for any cooling water piping. This feature is an important contributor to the chiller's reliability and longevity.

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Wider Operating Range

The chiller is designed to maintain stable operation even when faced with challenging conditions such as rising condenser pressure due to high cooling water temperatures in hot summers or tube fouling.

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Surge Protection

To ensure stable operation under high cooling water temperatures, the chiller adopts the strict criteria specified in JIS standards. Additionally, its 3D 2-stage impeller enables stable operation even at low cooling loads or high cooling water inlet temperatures, effectively preventing the occurrence of surge.


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