S Series R1234ZE

HFO-1234ze Refrigerant Series

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S Series R1234ZE

HFO-1234ze Refrigerant Series

Hitachi centrifugal chiller adopts self-developed centrifugal two-stage compression technology and HFO-1234ze environment-friendly refrigerant, which integrates the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, safety and reliability, stable operation, long service life, simple operation and maintenance.
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Direct Drive Series

By using high-speed inverter motor, single-shaft direct drive two-stage impeller, the motor efficiency is increased by about 1.5%, and the compressor efficiency is increased by about 4%, compared with the conventional speed-up gear type compressor. Therefore, it has higher energy efficiency at full load and comprehensive energy efficiency.

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Product Technology - Two-stage compression high-efficiency cooling cycle

Two-stage compression can reduce the speed of the compressor, improve the reliability of operation, increase the service life of the bearing, the
unit vibration is small, low noise.

The use of a multi-stage compression unique intermediate economizer, for one, to improve the refrigerant supercooling degree, increases the
cooling capacity; for the other, reduce the gas transmission of the first stage impeller, to reduce the power consumption of the unit.


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High Efficiency Compressor

3D efficient two-stage impeller - the impeller adopts a wing-shaped three-dimensional structure with low flow loss to achieve high efficiency and reliability in a wider range of fields.
Low loss bearing structure - using two-stage compression, the speed of the compressor is reduced, the bearing loss is reduced, and the operating life of the unit is extended.
Vane diffuser - effectively convert high-speed gas into high static pressure gas, and achieve excellent pressure recovery.


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Environmentally friendly refrigerant HFO-1234ze

HFO-1234ze Environment Refrigerant is an environmentally friendly substitute for conventional refrigerant with 0 ozone depletion factor and low GWP.

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Reliable oil supply system

The oil pump specially developed by Hitachi for centrifugal chiller has good sealing performance and adopts lubricating oil cooling The oil filter before and after the pipe distribution system is equipped with a standard stop valve, easy to clean and replace the filter element.to ensure reliable and stable operation.

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Fully automatic oil recovery system

Hitachi patented automatic injection oil return technology, which adopts oil pump exhaust as the injection power source, oil pressure is stable, oil recovery capacity will not be reduced with the change of unit working conditions, automatically and timely heat exchanger stored lubricating oil back to the tank, to avoid lubricating oil into the refrigerant system which causes the reduction of by heat transfer efficiency. At the same time, no manual operation is required to reduce the daily maintenance and management costs of users.


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