airHome 600

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAK/RAC-VH-PHASV)

airHome 600

Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump AC (RAK/RAC-VH-PHASV)

The AC that does it all! airHome 600 series cools, heats, purifies the air and saves energy with our best technologies. ​Thanks to its motion sensor, it adapts operation automatically to your needs. Featuring FrostWash technology, it keeps both indoor and outdoor units clean, with airCloud embedded connectivity, controlling the AC is easier than ever!
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Award-winning design!

airHome 600, Hitachi's heat pump air conditioning system, has won the prestigious European Product Design Award™ in the category ‘Home: Heating and Air Conditioning’.

The European Product Design Award™ is a prestigious industrial design award that recognises innovative design-driven products each year and gives them worldwide exposure.

NEW: FrostWash cleans the outdoor unit too!

First launched in Japan and now available in Vietnam, FrostWash advanced technology applies to the outdoor unit in addition to indoor unit.​
The outdoor unit’s condensing coil freezes and captures accumulated dirt and removes it as it melts. This way, both your indoor & outdoor equipment remain clean and ready to sustain a durable performance. ​

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Smart Eco mode: Lowers energy bills!

The airHome 600 series features a presence sensor that detects when a room is in use or empty.​
​With the Smart Eco mode, your air conditioner's settings automatically adjust to optimize energy use. When the unit detects an unoccupied room, it intelligently lowers the compressor's power after 20 minutes of inactivity.​
​For even greater savings, the Auto Shutoff option can be enabled to completely turn off the unit after a predefined time.

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The airHome 600 creates a perfect atmosphere in all seasons!

During summer, it can cool the room down to a 46°C ambient temperature. In winters it’s made to face the cold temperatures, withstanding 100% heating capacity at -15°C and maintaining heating down to -25°C ambient.

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SleepSense makes a restful night

Before you go to bed, you can activate ‘SleepSense’ in one touch on the remote controller. The AC will detect when you fall asleep and will adopt quiet mode and reduce cooling/heating (+2˚C/-2˚C setpoint shift) which help you sleep better.​
As you wake up and resume activity the next morning, the AC reactivates cooling/heating to the initial setting.

Wifi-ready for airCloud Go connection

Wifi connectivity is built in airHome 600 indoor units. You can easily pair the AC with the airCloud Go app to control the air from anywhere, at anytime. Coming with smart features, the app will help you save energy and improve convenience.​
In addition to temperature control, airCloud Go app offers many features, like the Smart-Fence and Energy Cost Estimator - see here.​

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Complete DC Power system with Inverter

The airHome’s DC Power system features quieter operation and 10% more efficiency than non-inverter AC systems.​

​airHome 600 is equipped with a DC fan motor inside both the indoor unit and outdoor unit, and a DC Inverter compressor for a complete superior performance.

5 air purification & cleaning technologies inside your AC

The airHome 600 embeds our most advanced air purification technologies to help create a healthier environment at home.​

AQtiv-Ion: our best ionizer technology

AQtiv-Ion: Our Most Powerful Ionizer

When AQtiv-Ion is activated, the AC emits negatively-charged particles which cling to pollutants in the air around the AC unit, so they fall harmlessly to the ground.​

Tested and proven:​

  • 99.9% inhibition of viruses: tested on SARS-CoV-2 [1] & Hong Kong Influenza A (H3N2)​

  • 99.0% reduction of bacteria: tested on E.Coli [2]

  • 86.0% reduction of formaldehyde [3] , a common source of bad odors​

  • 97.1% reduction of cedar allergens [4] and 98.7% against dust mites [5]

The AQtiv-Ion technology can be used anytime during cooling, heating, dry and fan mode, to purify your air regardless of temperature control.

FrostWash self-cleaning process

FrostWash self-cleaning process

Our renowned FrostWash technology enables to remove the dirt and mold accumulated on the indoor unit’s heat exchanger coil. ​
It freezes the heat exchanger down to -15°C to trap pollutants and dust in the ice and then melts them to flush them away. This leaves the unit sanitized and dramatically reduces the possibility of pollutants being spread from the AC unit to throughout the room.​
FrostWash provides dual benefits:​

  • Sanitizing effects: 99% viruses eliminated [6] , 99% bacteria eliminated [7] , 95% mold reduction [8]

  • Preservation of airflow capacity: Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3×better at maintaining airflow performance than those without this technology[9] .

ViroSense Z1: Capture Viruses, Bacteria, and Allergens

ViroSense Z1: Capture Viruses, Bacteria, and Allergens

Dedicated to air purification, 2 pieces of ViroSense Z1 filters are embedded inside the indoor units and coated with zinc pirithione. ​
It’s been tested and proven with up to 99.9% effectiveness on viruses including SARS-CoV-2 [10]and up to 99.0% effectiveness on bacteria[11]

Mold guard function keeps components dry

Mold guard function keeps components dry

Mold guard function keeps components dry[12] 

Washable stainless clean pre-filter

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Washable stainless clean pre-filter

Made of stainless steel, the airHome 600 pre-filter is easy to wash and does not corrode over time, for durable performance.

SafeGuard system: 7 reasons to rely on airHome 600

airHome 600 comes with high quality standards and features to enhance durability.​

  1. In case of power outage, the auto-restart of the equipment will  directly revert the AC to the latest settings so you don’t have the reset it.​

  2. The surge-protected electric board (PCB) is designed to withstand voltage peaks up to 420V​

  3. In addition, the PCB can handle wide power fluctuations from 130V to 264V​

  4. For homes with power limitations, users can enable Power Safe mode, a low-amp mode to restrict the maximum current draw for situations.​

  5. Fireproof electrical enclosure made of metal (in lieu of plastic)​

  6. The outdoor unit includes heat exchange coil with light blue anti-corrosion fins coating…​

  7. … and a casing with anti-corrosion paint​


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airHome 600 is distributed by Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Vietnam Co., Ltd​​

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