Hitachi Air Con Inverter PJ CMV

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Hitachi Air Con Inverter PJ CMV

PM2.5 Air Purifying Filter Wasabi coating reduces odor & bateria Self-cleaning FrostWash function reduce 99% virus & 93% dust & mold DC Inverter save energy up to 50%

Often it's the work that happens behind the scenes that helps to create a wonderful outcome

The same is true of keeping your home air conditioning system operating at its very best

Advanced technologies, such as Frost Wash, work invisibly to help keep your air conditioning unit clean and hygienic, so you can enjoy your ideal indoor climate, all year round.

You may not notice the technology, but you will defintely feel the difference it makes to your home.
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PM2.5 Air Purifying Filter coated with Wasabi solution

Remove up to 90% PM2.5 dust within first 120 minutes and achieve 99% removal effect after 300 minutes

Wasabi solution coating provide further clean air:
- Anti-bateria up to 99%
- Anti-allergen up to 95%
- Odor removal up to 82%
- Anti-mold
- VOC suppression

Reduce 99.9% virus and 93% dust and mold by Frost Wash

With Frost Wash, a revolutionary new cleaning technology, you can depend on cleaner, fresher air all year round.

The unique Frost Wash feature eliminates dust and bateria built up on the heat exchanger's surface by trapping and freezing these particles in ice. When the ice melts, the particles are flushed out safety via the drainage pipe.
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5 steps to provide clean and healthy air

Cleaner air through 5 steps:
- Step 1: pre-filter
- Step 2: PM2.5 air purifying filter
- Step 3: UV light
- Step 4: self-cleaning Frost Wash
- Step 5: stainless steel air duct and louver prevent corrosion and reduce bateria by up to 99%

- Anti-bacteria
- Anti-allergens
- Dust removal
- Odor removal
- Mold supression
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Vector DC Inverter save energy up to 50%

The Vector DC system features a special microcomputer pre-installed with compressor characteristics data. Thanks to this, the system not only monitors compressor behavior and current flow conditions, but also adjusts compressor rotation speed at all times. This enables smooth compressor operation without loss, resulting in stable operation and high cooling capacity.
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Durable & powerful

Hitachi AC's heat exchanger is made of 100% cooper pipes, offer high durability & product lifetime, powerful cooling capacity for your need.
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Hitachi careful treatment for reliability & durability

Fireproof electrical enclosure: meets the highest international manufacturing standards as Hitachi insists on using 100% metal casing to enclose electrical components. This drastically reduces the risk of fire spreading if a fault occurs.

Anti-rust outdoor casing: reduce maintenance time with rust-proof casings for outdoor units. A full coating of anti-rust paint is applied from top to bottom

Durability test: the stainless pre-filter can bear up tp 20kg of pressure without suffering any damage
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Designed to be anti-corrosion

Hitachi has anti-corrosion green fin treatment that environmentally friendly, provides long lasting of ODU condenser even in coastal areas

Manufactured 100% in Malaysia

Hitachi Air Con CMV series is manufactured 100% in Hitachi factory at Malaysia, ensure meeting the highest standard of Hitachi Japan
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Product warranty up to 5 years for compressor and 2 year for the whole product

Commit Japan quality with the best warranty policy for end-user. With 64 Authorised Service Center nationwide, Hitachi ensure handling any complaint within 36 hours

Hotline for warranty: 1800 6202
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Where to buy authentic Hitachi Air Con?

Please choose the most suitable way for you:

- Contact directly with us here to get the fastest support

- Search for nearby retail store here

- Nguyen Kim shopping mall nationwide

- Aeon shopping mall nationwide

South region:
Công ty Cổ phần Cơ điện lạnh Đông Sa Pa - Hotline: 1800 0045

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Công ty TNHH TM&DV Phương Quốc Hương
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Công ty TNHH Bảo Long - Hotline: 093 4886877
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