Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel

Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel

Our award-winning 4-way cassette design panel elevates the aesthetics of your air conditioner, integrating ‘silently’ into its surroundings
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Designed in Japan

The Silent-Iconic design panel stands as a collaborative effort between Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning and Hitachi, Ltd., Spearheaded by Senior Designer Tomohiko Sato from Hitachi, Ltd., this joint project beckons us to delve into the intricate journey that culminated in the creation of the Silent-Iconic. For an in-depth insight into this process, we invite you to explore the video provided. Notably, this design panel has garnered prestigious recognition through three globally renowned design awards, including the 2021 Red Dot: Best of the Best.

The resonance of its success is becoming increasingly evident as more designers and architects around the globe choose to embrace Hitachi's distinctive design masterpiece, the Silent-Iconic. You can discover the impactful success story of the Silent-Iconic by following the link provided.

Silent Iconic Panel awards:

Red Dot: Best of the Best [2021]

Good Design Award 2020
(Category: Equipment and facilities for professional use)

iF Design Award 2020

(Discipline; product)

What our customers say?

“The air conditioning is soft, not direct… it’s enveloping. This is excellence”
Sergio and Javier Torres

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"It had to be Silent-Iconic or nothing. It’s by far the best-looking AC currently available on the market."
Aleeya Khan, Founder & Principal of ALEEYA. design studio

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