Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel

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Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel

Our award-winning 4-way cassette design panel elevates the aesthetics of your air conditioner, integrating ‘silently’ into its surroundings
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Crafted to blend in

The contemporary, premium finish of Silent-Iconic™ allows traditional 4-way ceiling cassette units to fit in with the space’s architecture and interior design.

To achieve aesthetic harmony, the Silent-Iconic™ features streamlined 4-way air outlets that appear as slits, minimizing their visual impact. Similarly, the panel which covers the central inlet is louvered to further integrate the unit into overall look and feel of the space.
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Designed for flexible comfort

The air outlets can be adjusted to direct the airflow in a manner that provides maximum comfort without blowing on occupants or adjusted individually to give each person in the room their preferred cooling experience. Also, the Silent-Iconic™ features our exclusive GentleCool comfort function, which lowers the temperature in the room gently, so you can enjoy premium design and comfort in one.
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Built for easier maintenance

The Silent-Iconic™panel uses a set of sliding corner to fasten it into position, making it easier to attach and remove than screw-fastened panels. Filter maintenance is made simple with Silent-Iconic™, which is made accessible using your controller. With the tap of a finger, you can lower the panel and access the filter when required.

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